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Rick Renner unlocks an amazing cache of rich, enduring treasures mined from deep within the Word to unveil a wealth of brilliant wisdom and sound counsel that will enrich and redefine your life. Sparkling Gems is arranged in a devotional format with more than 1,000 in-depth Greek word studies, crafted into 365 daily devotions that are sure to inspire and provoke you to plunge deeper into your own search for more hidden treasures from God's Word. Three exhaustive indices an English to Greek index, a Greek to English index, and a Scripture Index are also included, making Sparkling Gems a highly effective reference tool for your own personal study library. So let wisdom and enduring riches define your life as you delve into the depths of God's Word with Sparkling Gems From the Greek by Rick Renner.

Vera's Review: I am using this book as a daily devotional and it is outstanding. I already have Volume II on its way. These devotionals have increased my knowledge of the word of God, provided thought provoking insight and have caused me to do a lot of soul searching because of it. I would recommend this book to all who have a desire to learn more about the Kingdom of God that will challenge you to just want to fall deeper in love with the Father and sharpen your sword for the battle now and the battle ahead!

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The first book in the beloved Mark of the Lion series, A Voice in the Wind brings readers back to the first century and introduces them to a character they will never forget―Hadassah.

While wealthy Roman citizens indulge their every whim, Jews and barbarians are bought and sold as slaves and gladiators in the bloodthirsty arena. Amid the depravity around her, a young Jewish slave girl becomes a light in the darkness. Even as she’s torn by her love for a handsome aristocrat, Hadassah clings to her faith in the living God for deliverance from the forces of a decadent empire.

Vera's Review: This book is phenomenal! It will capture your attention and keep you reading until you are done! Francine Rivers is one of the best writers that I have encountered by fair and in this novel she does not disappoint! Once you read this one you will immediately order the second one in the series.

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From Francine Rivers comes the “compelling” and “emotionally charged” (Booklist, starred review) second installment in of the story of Hadassah, a courageous Christian slave girl with unrelenting faith, and Marcus, the Roman aristocrat who claims her heart. Believed dead, Hadassah finds employment helping a doctor in the poor section of first-century Rome and discovers an ability to heal others through the power of her faith. When Julia falls ill, Hadassah is forced to confront a difficult decision: should she return to the Valerian household, risking exposure and death, to help her former tormentor in the Christian tradition? Continuing to search for meaning and faith, Marcus turns away from the opulence of Rome, led by a whispering voice from the past into a journey that could set him free from the darkness of his soul.

Vera's Review: Wow, another fantastic read. From the first chapter the writer draws to into the story and doesn't release until you have finished! What a story line of forgiveness that is woven throughout the entire book. It will cause you to take a look inward and do a lot of soul searching! It is a must read that will make you want to get the third book in the series before you are even finished with this one!

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With Hadassah confined to the cells below the arena, facing death once again, and his sister Julia dying of a strange new illness and longing for a forgiveness beyond her reach, Marcus goes in search of God. Meanwhile, Atretes, the Germanic warrior, vows to move heaven and earth to find his son―the baby he thought was dead and whose life Hadassah saved―and take him back to Germania. Only one thing stands in his way: Rizpah, a Christian widow who has cared for the baby since his birth. Atretes did not count on Rizpah’s fiery resistance to having “her son” taken away, nor is he prepared for the woman’s strength and beauty. From their first meeting, the two are caught in a stormy battle of wills.

Vera's Review: What an absolutely brilliant and engaging climax to the trilogy! This book was so engaging that I once I started reading I had to make myself put it down and come up for air! Another must read especially if you love history!


Seefas wasn't sure what to expect from his latest guardian angel assignment. The Lord had told him he would be protecting a little girl seen by the world as incomplete and imperfect; some would even say that she should not be given a chance to enter this world, which seemed simply unconscionable. He was prepared to go protect this little one with everything he had in him, but he was unprepared for the relationship he would develop with this precious child―a relationship unlike anything he had ever known. Unspoken Love is a literary exploration of the true story of one family's journey through loving and raising a child with a severely limiting health condition. Readers will see how God used one child's precious broken life to touch the lives of those around her and marvel at the depth of her spiritual relationship with the Lord in the absence of any spoken language. Unspoken Love will help all of us realize that God has a special purpose for each one of our lives.

Vera's Review: Coming Soon