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Waiting on my next!

In just a few months, I will enter a completely new chapter of my life and believe me, it is exciting and yet I am apprehensive about it. I believe that no matter how confident a person is in their own abilities or lack thereof, it can be quite daunting to go some place in life that you have never been before.

I remember when I graduated high school and joined the military that it was the first time that I would fly on a plane and the first time that I would be away from the city that I lived in for all my life up to that point. It would be the first time that I would be away from family and friends. But I bravely went because as I look back now, I know it would play a key role in my destiny. As afraid as I was to go, I am so glad that somehow I found the courage to move forward.

This past September the theme of our conference was, “Next”. Today, I stand at the threshold of my “next” and I wonder what lies ahead. I am like an airplane on the tarmac with its engine running, just waiting for the control tower to give the command for takeoff. It would be both unlawful and unwise to make a move until I am given the command to do so. To move without being given clearance could cause catastrophic results, and so I wait.

I know God has a plan and purpose for my “next” as there is so much more left for me to accomplish! I must be wise. No matter what is happening around me, I must be patient. There are many voices that will speak saying you should do this, or you should do that. But there is the one voice I am listening to. It is that still small voice I will hear say, “Here is the way. Now walk in it.”

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