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No Balloons, No Hats, No Cake, No Punch, No Party!

Have you ever found yourself complaining about a thing and before you know it goes from a simple complaint to whining or belly aching? I like the phrase “belly aching”. I always associate that term with “Festus Haggen” a character on the popular TV western series “Gunsmoke”. Festus just had a way of saying “belly aching” that made you understand how terrible and ridiculous and useless it was. Belly aching is consistent complaining, and consistent complaining has a voice. It is the voice of whining! Notice I said whining…not winning. Because whining will never set you up for winning anything.

We have probably all heard the term, “Pity Party.” Many of us may have even had at least one or two in our lifetime. It is that initial gathering of one that has balloons of sorrow, regret, and disappointment. It comes with a giant hat of self-pity along with other hats of melancholy, sadness, and hopelessness. It will always have a cake called depression decorated so beautifully that just looking at it entices you to take a bite! It also has a huge bowl of punch! That punch is the drink of “loneliness.” It will beckon you to come and drink. And with each drink the thirstier you will become.

So, the next time you find yourself complaining and whining because you have bought into the suggestion that things will always be the same, and that nothing will change…it is a lie, and you will get up again. The next time that inner voice whispers that you are a failure, and you will always be a failure…it is a lie. Failing at something does not make you a failure! Choose to celebrate your life. Be grateful for the small things…start right there! Being grateful, expressing it and getting up and doing a kind act for someone else is like medicine to the soul! No balloons, no hats, no cake, no punch, no party!

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Diana Nicoson
Diana Nicoson
08 Μαΐ 2021

I choose to have a attitude of gratitude and have noticed the pitty parties are seldom now. Praise the Lord.

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Susan Sanders
Susan Sanders
24 Απρ 2021

I love this Vera! I think if we are honest, we all start to plan a pity party, but we have to stop those thoughts in their tracks. For me, months can go by where I easily dismiss the pity party but then there are other times when it’s like ALL I can focus on. So, I have to remember that God wants me to be content, no matter the circumstances. Xo

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Audrey Tan-Ekeson
Audrey Tan-Ekeson
07 Απρ 2021

So very well displayed. I truly love the examples that you are using. The Mind is very powerful 👍🏼👏🏽

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