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Dash Riprock

My husband and I were praying together one morning. We were going through a tremendous trial at the time and I asked the Lord to just give us something to laugh about that day. I asked him to cause joy to spring up within us giving us the strength that we need to make it through another day. Later on that morning we had to do some errands and one of the places that we had to go was to the post office. When we walked in, Mike saw him before I did. There he was an older gentleman with silver hair that was piled…no swooshed on top of his head like Dash Rip Rock from the Flintstones. We had not seen a hair do like that since we could not remember when! We managed to hold it together until we got outside we must have laughed until our sides hurt! All “Dash” needed was a pair of bell bottoms, platform shoes and a dog eared collared shirt! Needless to say we gained strength for another day!

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